About US

In 2004, Anhui Zhongteng Automobile Parts Co., Ltd established in Jiading Investment, Shanghai. Focus on the design and manufacturing of Spring. In 2011, the company′s business was upgraded and a stamping parts department was established.

Manufacturing, processing and marketing of automobile parts, motorcycle parts and their standard parts, mechanical parts, mechanical moulds and plastic products; Sales of metal materials and chemical raw materials (except dangerous goods); Business management consulting services; Import and export business of goods and technology. (Projects subject to approval in accordance with the law may not carry out business activities until approved by relevant departments)

We are a leader in the spring industry and an important enterprise member of the China Spring Association; We are active participants in the wiper industry and suppliers to Valeo, Wanjiang and SHB Group; We are a key supplier of the sunroof industry The company has supplied in batches to Wanchao, Mobitech, and is in contact with Fuyao Group and Yaopi. We are excellent suppliers in the electrical industry and have been supplying to Morgan, Siemens, and 213 for many years.

We are a professional team. Our members have many years of auto parts design and manufacturing experience.

We are a young team. Our average age is only 29 years old, full of vigor and innovation.

We are a team with dreams. We come from all corners of the world, because of a common dream: To be a truly excellent auto parts supplier and provide customers with the most reliable product support.

Our business philosophy is:

Survive by quality, Develop by credibility.